Our values

Involvement. Juice Fantasy feels responsible for your health. By offering sugar-free and organic drinks, you can enjoy carefree.

Your comfort. Without effort and tear: tasty and healthy drinks.

Hand-made and pure. Several beverages ask a lot of attention. So we make tea from dozens of kilos of fresh minttea for the elderflower drink. And, there are no added artificial flavors or preservatives in any drink.

Safety and quality. The bottles are filled under HACCP and BRC certificate.


What do we do?

We develop and produce fruit drinks, blossom drinks, fruit juices, vegetable juices and syrups based on organic puree, blossoms and fruits.

We innovate and work tailor-made for your private label. For example, for a customer in Spain we  developed beverages with a splash of seawater.


What do we do different?

Craftsmanship. When making the drinks, we measure and mix all the ingredients ourselves until the taste is optimal.

Professional. In order to achieve a good price-value ratio, it is necessary to produce in sufficient quantities. This choice immediately benefits the filling of the bottles under ideal conditions.

Innovate and surprise. We develop new flavors of witch  people don’t know they like them.

The labels of our own brand are the result of a unique collaboration with Ems Verhaert. We told her what people taste, feel and think when they first drink the various drinks of Juice-Fantasy. Based on this, Ems created unique creatures that carry the characteristics of each beverage.